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3 key actions

As well as a number of education and research initiatives to foster internationalisation (see actions 2, 3, 5, 6, 11), three specific actions are also being planned.

2 strategic axes

    • Creation and coordination of a European network focusing on urban themes. The site will be identified as a National Information Unit for city -related matters and will play a coordinating role for similar structures at European level.
    • Internationalisation of education and research. In education, through the creation of international Masters programmes and an Institute of Advanced Urban Studies targeting an international audience. In research, the creation of an International League for Sustainable Cities will provide a high-level partnership framework for the development of strategic projects with 10 leading international urban studies institutes (TU Delft, Singapore, etc.).

    1. International League for Sustainable Cities

    Joint development and creation of an International League for Sustainable Cities: an international network involving 10 leading international academic institutions with a clear position vis-à-vis the City of Tomorrow, backed by major global cities with related experimental resources. Scientific projects planned jointly with these partners will provide the basis for strong and effective cooperation.

    A “Sustainable Urban System” think tank, a platform with multiple stakeholders from academia, industry, the public sector, the voluntary sector, student bodies and civil society, will be established to promote the exchange of information on trends and challenges relating to the city of tomorrow and their consequences with respect to research and learning needs.


    2. Heading the European network of National Information Units (NIU) on the city

    Equivalent to National Contact Points (NCPs), the NIUs will be created to disseminate information, raise awareness of European good practices among urban stakeholders, and influence strategic discussions at European level. The Target University may eventually assume a role in coordinating the European NIU network.

    3. IHEV – Institute of Advanced Urban Studies

    This world-class institution will provide continuous training to senior executives (public authorities and institutions, associations, NGOs and companies) based around key information and the challenges of the City of Tomorrow. Training programmes will be jointly designed, managed and financed with PSL Research University and foreign academic partners.

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